How To Find A Job


How To Find A Job

Welcome to Love UR – the site that answers some of the most important questions that ever job searcher asks, like “where do I find a job?”, “how can I find a job?” and tells you everything you need to about how to find a job, a job you love.

It is a sad fact of life that only 5% of the population enjoy what they do for their job!

Having worked in recruitment for over 20 years I have seen this close up. I’m pleased to say I’ve helped many people change careers and to start to actually enjoy their jobs.

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How To Find A Job

You see, if you enjoy your job, it ceases to become work! Ask yourself, would you still turn up for the day job if you won the lottery on Saturday night?

If the answer is a resounding “no”, then you are in the wrong job. It could be you just need to change job, it could be that you need a full career assessment and a change of direction.

Whatever your need, we are here to help. This site is the distillation of my 20 years plus working in the recruitment industry. All of the knowledge I have gained about how the job market works and how to find a job that really suits you is here on the pages of this site.

How To Get A New Job – Free

This is a free job search resource for you to use as you see fit. Everything is covered from getting organised to discussing, in depth, what you are looking for from not only your job, but also life in general! Powerful stuff.

You’ll learn how to put together a CV that real “sells” YOU to a prospective employer. I’ll show you how to apply for jobs as well as how to get the best from those recruitment agencies (I should know). All of those little secrets that will make sure you get noticed for that one job that you really, really want!

Simply the simple menu system to open up each subject section where you will find more links to a wealth of information to help ensure you really find a new job and one that you really…really want.

My very best wishes for a successful job search / career change.

Cheers now


P.S – Thanks for visiting my “how to find a job” website – I really hope it helps you! Use this quick links section below to help you find your wahy around!

Job Search Organisation

Job Goals

Where To Find Jobs

Applying For Jobs

Your CV

Job Interview

How To Look Good For Interview

Body Language

After The Interview

Positive Mental Attitude

Recruitment Agencies

Social Media Recruiting

Recruitment Agency Directory




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